Securing Your Home Does Not Have To Break The Bank

Buying an house is probably the most expensive purchase the average person will make in there lifetime.

So how can you provide the best protection for your home. Following out best tips for protecting your home may help.

First job after you have moved into your property is to have the locks changed, you have no idea who has a spare key for your home. Also when you change your locks use a qualified locksmith as they can provide you the best advise, not the most expensive locks are the best locks.

Lighting is a good deterant for the would be theif, they like to work in the dark so lighting up dark areas can really help. Standing adjacent to your property at night and look at your house and look for dark areas near to window, also shrubbery can also hide a would be theif trying to break in. There are many types of outside lights available on the market, choosing a light with photocell or passive infared are good if you want the light to stay on all night (photocell) or on movement detection (passive infared)

Ensure all valuables are out of sight from windows and even the letterbox as thieves will have a go if they think the reward is greater than the risk of being seen.

Letter box can be used for fishing ie hook on a stick can be used to obtain keys left in view of the letter box, fitting a cover on the inside of the letterbox can help to prevent this type of theft

A burglar alarm is also a good investment and deterant to a burglar, fitting dummy boxes is not recommended as seasoned burglars can tell if a bell box is real or not. Old bell boxes on the front of your home not only spoils to aesthetics of your home and also show that the alarm system is probably not working or not maintained, if your new home has an alarm system fitted then having the code changed, as like changing the locks you don’t know who has the alarm code.

CCTV is currently the most popular way of protecting your home as you see a live feed on your mobile device enabling you to see anyone around your property. CCTV has improved over the last few years with move features built into the cameras to offer greater visibility even in total darkness